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Watch our CNY intro video to learn more about Green Pastures Home.

Who We Are

Green Pastures is a collaboration of a cluster of rest homes for senior individuals, namely the aged and retirees who want the comfort, essence and environment of a home. A genuine home environment with a garden, home-cooked food and lots of love, laughter and friendship. Strictly non-clinical, and absolutely 'just like home'.

What Do We Provide

We provide assisted living and nursing services, including high-dependency care.

Assisted Living Care

Mobility is not an issue anymore. We'll be there for you.

Companionship Care

We not only provide care, but also genuine companionship to our residents, always lending a listening ear, and having activities with them on a regular basis.

Dementia Care

We understand the challenges of taking good care of dementia and alzheimer sufferers, as this requires patience, kindness, understanding and love.


Elderly with post surgery will need to be closely monitored.

What We Are

We are driven by love, mercy and compassion, as we believe the aged and the sick need understanding, patience, kindness and friendship to help them through their daily activities.

What We Are Not

We are certainly not driven by profit, as our motivation is to ensure that there can be dignity in old age.

Who Are Our Residents

Our residents comprise the following: senior individuals, the aged, those recovering or suffering from illnesses such as Parkinson, stroke, alzheimer, cancer, post surgery, etc.

More About Green Pastures


Morning bath, light agility and felxibility exercises, games, sing-a-long fun, birthday celebrations, festive celebrations, outings, etc.


Air-conditioned four-bedded, three-bedded, two-bedded and single. We accomodate couples.


Home-cooked Malaysian cuisine, covering breakfast, lunch, tea, and dinner. Special diet can be arranged.


Doctor visit every week to monitor the general health of residents.

Talk To Us

We are just one call away if you need advice on how we can help you with your loved ones, as every individual is different.
Kindly call the following numbers to contact us.

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