3 Biggest Nursing Home Myths And Misconceptions

Common misconceptions and myths surrounding nursing homes are keeping many from giving their loved ones the care and support they need most.

It’s time to get behind the truth of the three biggest ones and the reality of what nursing homes are today. 


It’s No Different From A Hospital

While nursing homes provide nursing, medical and rehabilitation care to elders, they greatly vary from a hospital with living environments that make residents feel at home.

Physical, mental and socially stimulating activities also keep them active and socialising with each other while receiving the care they need. 


It’s A One-Way Ticket

One of the most feared myths is elders being neglected and living the rest of their lives there once they start living in a nursing home.

Depending on the care they need, many elders live in nursing homes for rehabilitation and assisted care needed for a full recovery so that they may return home in the best condition.

Home visits are also encouraged if their health permits them to for long-term residents. 


It’s Lonely Living In A Nursing Home

On the contrary, nursing homes prioritise social interaction and connection among the residents and offers activities, celebrations and outings to ensure they have a happy lifestyle.

Rooming is also provided to accommodate couples living in nursing homes together.

Many families also visit their loved ones regularly or even daily. That said, it’s best when they are living in a nursing home that’s most suitable and convenient in location. 

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